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Orokin Derelict Defense - Mission Suddenly Ends At Around Wave 48


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Hi all,


me and my clanmates were doing some Orokin Derelict Defense yesterday evening (we're all from Germany).
We planned to stay until wave 50 and the pod was still ok, but at I think wave 47 or 48 we all got a loading screen and ended up in the solar system screen. We did neither get a "mission failed" (also, the pod was still doing fine) nor a reward/summary screen (I mean the screen where you can see how much xp you got and so on). Just a short loading screen and then the solar map. And that at wave 47/48. Our host didn't leave or so, we were all in teamspeak and all the same surprised about this bug.
Furthermore we lost ALL xp we got on that mission. Usually when a mission fails, you have at least the levels you made during the mission. But since our mission didn't fail but simply quit, we didn't keep any of that xp. I started the mission with my warframe at lv 13 and I remember I made at least lv 17 during the mission, but at the end it was still lv 13. All my clanmates had the same problem (with everything, weapons, warframes, etc.). One even said he had experienced that issue at around wave 50 a few days ago, too.

This was really really annoying for us all... I mean we played for I think at least 60 minutes (or even more) and at the end we got.... nothing. Just really nothing.
No xp, no ressources, no mods, nothing.
And I think you can understand that we are not going to test this again (to be sure it's a bug, that always occcures).
We just hope you can fix this :/

Crescendium & StarScreames

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