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Looking For A Casual And Helping Clan? Join Venomous Today!


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Well look no further! We are a small Storm clan with 53 members at the time of this message who are looking to expand ourselves! If you are just looking for a chill clan or need any help with the game, you found it! Here are some of the perks of joining our clan. 


-We have a three story dojo completely decked out with decorations and rooms!

-All of our research is complete and new items are completed as soon as the game updates!

-We are a smaller clan so it is easier to get yourself noticed and recognized for your contributions! 

-The more experienced members make an effort to get to know the new recruits! 

-We have tons of members willing to help out at a moments notice, this is includes myself! 

-We have an original name with a ranking system to match and an awesome custom emblem!

-We like to host clan activities such as dueling tournaments and Hide-and-Seek with rewards that follow them! 

-We are in the The Crescent Dominion alliance!


If any or all of this appeals to you, please don't hesitate to personally message me on Playstation 4 at TheCreepyCatGuy or reply to this post and i'll be sure to invite you to the clan. Once more, we are a casual clan and prefer just to be chill, hangout, and have fun so we try to avoid any drama. Other than that, can't wait to see you help our clan grow and prosper!


Thanks, TheCreepyCatGuy

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