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Your Favorite Update


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Sooooo recently, warframe will be releasing U14 on PC, maybe it will be released this wednesday, and because this is open beta, I would like to ask you guys of all the open beta updates, which one was your favorite? Use the warframe wiki to find which update you like the most, my favorite update is U12.




^link to all warframe updates.

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I honestly don't know which I liked the best... but I guess U7/8 or 11 are the closest for me...


The major problem is that with all the updates also came at least one trade-off because something was fundamentally changed or removed alltogether and not always for the better as we noticed later on.

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The update that adds:


1. A way to check and see what your affinity objective is for the mission incase you missed it.

2. Invisibility skills being toned down.

3. Parkour is relevant.

4. Trading is more than trading for platinum. (will literally never happen ever, I'm defeating the purpose of my post right here, just a heads up)

5. Being able to completely block and ignore people from public matchmaking on your end.

6. Being able to completely block and ignore people with their most played frame being Rhino Prime with Boltor Prime/Soma and most used mods being speed mods for the frame.

7. Carriers little cloud is able to be toggled.

8. Being able to completely block and ignore people from joining your game as Nekros without Desecrate equipped.


None of that will ever happen, so my favorite update will never exist. Ever.


Guess I'll just have to settle for more "kill a bunch of this, your number is now higher, here is something for your trouble" updates.

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Probably 7th or 9th. They were awesome at their own time. New stuff is always welcome as people tend to miss the point of the thread. Which was, what was your favorite update thus far, objectively speaking. So we are not measuring that the last update because it brought new stuff. Every update for a while at least, has brought new stuff. And we are talking about existing updates here. Not the one coming.

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