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Some Lore Questions


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I was told this was the right place to post this so apologies if it's not, but anyways. I've only been playing for about two weeks but I'm absolutely in love with the game and especially its lore. I'm also a writer (mostly of sci-fi / fantasy, but also some nonfiction work too) who has even been published a couple times. Thus, I thought it might be fun for me to write a short story (or series thereof, depending on the reception) about Warframe for the community.


I do, however, have a handful of miscellaneous lore related questions I'm hoping people can help me out with. Note: these all related to official canon.


1. Are there more than one of each frame in existence or all they are individuals? Is there only one Loki and the name Loki both means the frame and the Tenno within? Or is Loki just a model of frame that is worn by many Tenno? I get the feeling from what I know that there is only one of each, but I thought I'd ask anyways.


2. What are solar rails and how exactly do they work? I mean I understand how they work in terms of game mechanics but what's the general principle behind them? Are they kind of like jump gates, allowing ships to travel super fast along a set trajectory?


3. How exactly does the Void work? At first I was under the impression that it was the space beyond the immediate solar system (possibly even beyond the Oort Cloud), but I now believe it's some sort of alternate pocket dimension of some sort.


4. Can the Tenno actually speak? Some boss or another I believe called them "mutes" but that could have just been an insult. I'd assume they can speak, but that's just my opinion.


5. What exactly are warframes made of? Looking at the ingredients needed to craft one, nothing seems that special, but they all seem to have quite the organic appearance, however that could simply just be design.


6. Who or what are the Ancients that we encounter among the infested? Does anyone know?


Thanks! I appreciate any light you may be able to shed on this stuff, though I do understand the lore of this game is quite closely kept and well hidden and I may very well be asking questions many before me have asked and there are currently no real answers to.

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2. As far as I can tell they're basically like Mass Relays from Mass Effect or jump gates like you said


3. The void seems to be a parallel dimension like slipspace in Halo or the Warp in Warhammer 40k where exposure to it will twist everything out of shape


4. Tenno probably can speak but chose not to because they're super stoic and badass ninja dudes, considering how Rhino can roar and Valkyr can scream, maybe they don't know how to speak because of the mind-wipe in cryostasis?


5. Warframes are made of similar stuff to the technocyte virus, except better controlled and shaped


6. The technocyte virus was created by the Orokin to fight the Sentients, the Ancients are probably Infested warriors from that time

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