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An Suggestion About Co-Op


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Firstly, im sad that there is absolutely no cooperation in such great game as Warframe is.


I would like to suggest an options that will not FORCE cooperation, but allow for it for greater gameplay

So... there are my ideas:


1. Player ressurection and health!

Now we have boring stand and hold ressurection type which sometimes is more dangerous for player that attempts to ressurect than the player which is already wounded.


Why not make special health treshold that will define your status?


100 to 60% Health will mean you are full combat able so you will run with normal speed and be able to use all activities.


60 to 30% Health would tun on "wounded" status that will slow your frame a bit [with maybe special animation and textures that will show that your "character" is actually wounded and requires help, small accuracy penetaly would be also fine [this also would eliminate room heroism and those who think that solo can encounter much bigger hordes of enemies] being unable to make long wallruns due to faster stamina drain will be a nice touch i think. [can be healed with orbs and all healing frames]


30 to 10% Health will mean that our frame is criticaly wounded and requires an medical assistance, cant run, jump is taking away 50% of stamina and wallrun will be really hard. accuracy is really low [also some nice animation that will show the status along with textures.] healing would be possible by orbs and all frames that could get close to us and use "Use" button which could play short animation with using that ressurection gas stream to get us in shape quickly


10 to 0% Health should be like red zone, you barerly move and sway from side to side, shooting could be possible only with secondary weapon. Frame could sometimes fall down to the ground and get up. Can also be healed by orbs and "Use" of ressurection gas stream.


after frame gets to 0 health, then the fall down animation can play. it also would be good if you could carry the wounded frame to the safe zone [really, ressurecting under heavy napalm fire or laser traps is not the best for the one who is downed and for this who is attempting to help]


Could be Off in Solo mode



2.Energy Support!


It would be really usefull if you could see your allies energy support and if neccesary - transfer some of it to the one which requires it the most, that would of course might be a bit Overpowered when taking some frames [Nyx huehue]

But also would allow healing frames to work at 100% time.


Also this could help when situation is going bad and you are surrounded by high level enemies, near you is the Vauban for example but he doesnt have an energy to use Vortex to calm down the crowd, simple transfer and you can still roll on.


3.Shield Share!


This could work as well as energy transfer.


being able to transfer % of your shield or Toggle shield transfer to an ally [50% of your shield all the time transfer so that person which takes the damage will first use the pool he is gifted with and then his shields will drop]


You are using tank frame which got about 1k shield and you are going fine, ally is under fire and is quickly to fall down, what you can do? Rush in and risk that he will fall after you get? or transfer some of your shield and then move in so you got some seconds treshold to save him?


Also this might help with frames that need to rush in the big high leveled crowd [Rhino for example] to deal severe damage to the enemies and make free way for others.


4.Attribute transfer!


This should be must have for the warframe, we have a lot of frames that depend on elements like fire, water, electric, earth.


Lets make an example.


Volt using his Ultimate power which deals electric damage, an Ember sees the situation and uses Attribute transfer [makes immobile for a second or two] Fire + electric makes radiation [fixed] damage also, fire will add more damage. this makes great tactical advantage for missions that spawn enemies with high shield amount. that can easly kill eachother


Connecting attributes could yeld really good outcomes like Vauban Bastile and Saryn's Poison, this could lead to an trap that not only holds the enemies but deals an damage and takes away their armour [corrosive]


The possibilities would be almoust unlimited.


I Understand that the weapons we have now can deal with most of these situations but up to some level. after certain level there is really MUST for team work and this could help a lot with it.


but such game with this big potetial for team work cannot be unused.


Feel free to comment or change the idea but please.

Like always, keep things on level


Best Regards

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this is inspiring ;) i really like the idea

but for some frames / builds the % stuff can be too damaging (like valkyr)


one of the best solutions would be to roll back to the "normal" rules of rpg classes. but it will give us even more messing up our frames and no one like when you meddle with his/her frame...

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The amount of cheaty nonsense that would be possible with energy/attribute sharing makes that a no in my book. I do like the idea on a visual representation for health, that would add a cool immersion factor. I'm gonna have to say no again to the penalties for low health though, as many shield tank frames can ignore their health for the most part due to their larger shields, and we have no effective way of getting health regen on the fly.

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fire+electric = radiation.


in a completely related note, this would help nobody.


1. What about solo? You'd magically not receive these debuffs?

2. 1 or 2  beefed up energy carriers + 2 efficiency/power with uber AoEs = more ways to 1shot content. great...

3. You do understand that shields are one of the main differences between frames.

4. So basically Saryn+Frost for grineer,Saryn+Ember for infested, Frost+Volt for corpus, Volt+Saryn for void. That's only 4 possibilities, hardly unlimited.


Why is WoW successful? It's point, click and use abilities, with as few side mechanics as possible. Why is CoD successful? It's point and shoot. People are complaining about the sprint duration and bloody eyes. Imagine if the game had other factors.

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