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Paris Prime Clips Alot Of Warframes


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I have noticed this for quite some time now, while i have been playing this game for a very long time i found out that no other machinegun or assault rifle can replace the elegance of the Paris Prime <3

But the thing is for me that no matter what frame i chose to use it seems to clip with the frame...


This is frustrating and i don't know if anyone have made any topic about this before but, if there is a design council or anyone who can show this to the DE so that not only me but many other players, can start using our favorite bow and not be annoyed with the irritating clipping that is going on

I Hope that my message reaches the peoples that have the power to do something about this, it would meant the world to me. 

A proud Frost Prime user who likes to use his favorite bow into action and not see the clipping while playing!

Love to you all <3

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