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Ps4 Wtb. You Got Spare Prime Part Bps? I Got Platinum For You!

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Greetings fellow Tenno!

AtticusSteele here and I need your help! With all the time I have to put into my work, I can't get the Prime part blueprints I need. T-T However, if you have some spares that you'd be willing to part with, I'll gladly pay platinum for them! Sure, selling them is cool and dandy, but I'm sure you'd agree getting platinum is better. :3 


Here's what I'm looking for: (All prices are at medium prices obtained from a neighbor site, wftrading.net  )


Fang Prime Handle. (7P)

Lex Prime Blueprint (6P)


That's what I'm looking for, with fair prices AND bonus Platinum for those of you with full sets. 

Just pop me a message on PSN if you're interested, my tag is AtticusSteele.

I hope we can help eachother and I look forward to your messages! 


Also, there was a post before this in the wrong forum and I'd like to apologize. I'm not 100 percent familiar with the exact locations of where proper posts should go. From now on I'll ask xD 

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