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Possible Update 14 News And J3 Golem Stuff


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first well i always liked how DE keeps updates secret [if you dont watch the devstream..how could you!!] but when i saw the video posted on youtube about the new silva & aegis i saw a possible day it could come out i noted that every day for the last 3 days that theirs a post saying "ATTENTION TENNO"  first with ships and doges then epic S#&$. possiblely this week .back to news DE is making lot of hype for the next update soo.. the more views the more news if u want more possible stuff


next alad v and the Suspicious Shipments .well we all know the next boss if you played the suspicious shipments or breeding grounds event. well lets look at the facts in devstream 27 the devs said that the j3 golem will be reworked in the next tileset; the infested ship tileset {in which bleeding grounds took place in}. BUT if you look at the lore of alad v theres a relationship beween  infested if you read the wiki page on alad v. the first relationship beween infested is hunt for alad v  lore ."Alad's former colleague Frohd Bek was tracking him down in response to the massive debts he accrued due to the Dilemma (though Frohd had his own reasons, namely fearing that Alad could gain more power in the Board should the Zanuka Project prove successful). In response, Alad diverted the Infested to Frohd's ships, overwhelming them in the process and slowing down Frohd's progress. Frohd Bek decided to cut a deal with the Tenno; eliminate the Infested from his ships so that the both of them can locate Alad." soo alad v used infested for the first time to stop frohd's ships the first relationship to infested to next relationship in the Suspicious Shipments after faked his death."   After a long period of inactivity, Lotus discovered several Corpus ships that were travelling well outside usual shipping routes. These ships were heavily armored, and used several measures to keep themselves hidden from prying eyes. Suspicious about their purpose, Lotus sent the Tenno to investigate these ships and their mysterious cargo. The Tenno discovered that many of these ships contained samples of Infested tissue, heavily guarded by Corpus platoons, though some of these ships have suffered containment breaches and have been overrun with the Infested. Alad contacts the Tenno during their investigations, explaining that he disagrees with the Corpus ban on Infested Biotechology, and has decided to focus his resources on this forbidden line of research. His ulitmate goal currently remains unknown."


alad v after killed he was possibly  turned back to life by infested possibly repaying them with more infested troops to take back jupiter or eris to infested again to repay for his life. in bleeding grounds he trys to make hives on eris.. "But alad v cant disagree with the Corpus ban on Infested Biotechology he loves the corpus bolrd" that what you say but he did but he was stopped by tenno . but he could be part of j3 golem or made it to kill the tenno... but we dont know for sure untill... update 14




stuff i used was the warframe wiki and warframe.com

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