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Fashionably Late


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well ive been playing the game for while now. i got it day 1 of open beta then left, then laptop broke got back in about maybe a few weeks before tethra.


now im 7 frames with 3 more spots and im doing good, i like the game alot.

planning on doing some you tube stuff.

since that's what i do. i run a YouTube" by the name of GAMEINSOMNIA"  " don't watch it. im bad" while also working on college for video game design

and web graphic media



ughh what else do people usually say. um i read alot. im working on an album.

i like to skateboard and free run and i take martial arts


im scatter brained simply because im having over 10000 thoughts and idea's all at once.

dont sleep alot because of that.


uh i do art. but not good. i do digital art which consists of photoshop, krita and other stuff. im not good at it either. im

a manipulator with tiny bit of skill in other stuff. posted a warframe art in the fan art stuff,

first one of the all the frames im doing. with tidbit of writing.



as a digital artist who can hardly free form draw even on digital program i do my best to really make something unique that stands out.


my art tends to have jilted, semi in motion or jagged look to it as i do my best to draw the lines then i go in with all the rest.

honestly it looks mildly okay at best to me


alright im done

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well thats a new name to be astounded by


glad to actually see a proper introduction rather than a miss leading title and goes way way off topic - and includes nothing about them introducing them selfs to the community


Ps. i do photomanipulations alot - saddly i dont draw anymore but would like to get back into it




a interactive pen display (OR) graphic tablet witchever you wish to use are expensive as crap and my old one broke

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