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Idea: Void Puzzle Mode


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What do you think of having a play mode that consists mainly of solving puzzles and secrets in the Void - rather than the focus on killing enemies?


There will still be enemies, but not as numerous (like roving squads or even hidden behind secret doors and panels). Think of the pace as like the old Doom / Quake games. You can kill of the enemies in the area and still explore. Kind of like Extermination, but no pressure to leave or to continue to kill. There could be 2 enemies of 200 - who knows? That isn't the focus in Puzzle mode, the enemy here is the Void traps!


Similar to the secrets in the old (U9) Void, your challenge will be to solve the puzzles or to find the secrets. There will be traps and triggers that open and change things. Access to certain areas will depend on you figuring out the puzzle and evading the trap. Who knows what the trap could be? Could be surviving a mob of Corrupted, could be a deadly maze, could be something that you wish you brought another frame to because your current one just doesn't have the required ability...


Or Puzzle mode could just be a mode where you can explore the Void at your leisure and try to find the secrets until you are done. 


There will be no Stalker, Vor or G3 in this mode - its about the puzzles!


What do you think? Maybe you can make it better?

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i would literally give DE more $$$ if they would only enhance the puzzle/exploration/obstacle course/etc aspects of warframe


the void was definitely my first taste of this back in U9, but i have seen NOTHING from DE since then, and im pretty sad about it =[


those rooms/vaults were by far the neatest/coolest thing about the void (becuz lets face it, the "traps" in the void are lame as hell, they need a lot more work as well IMHO)

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