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Recruiting: Grinnin Militia


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Grinnin Militia is a casual PC clan that was founded by close-knit friends. The five of us grind and have fun, and help each other with gathering resources, parts, and blueprints. We're currently looking to raise the activity level so that we all have more shoulders to lean on, but also to keep the game fresh and enjoyable.


Our dojo has almost all research done or in progress. We do not condone those who wish to leech off our existing research; there are other clans for that. One thing to note is that while we do strive to expand our dojo, we were originally a shadow clan with about 30 people, so our resource costs are higher than a ghost's.


We are willing to accept new players as well as veterans; we do not require a certain skill level or mastery rank. (As a base reference, our members' mastery ranks are 6-13). Our only requirement is Ventrilo (a voice chat program) and a mic, as communication is key to having fun with others.


If you are interested in joining, you may post your IGN down below, or PM msterforks in-game.

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