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Volts Shield And Angstrum?



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Same with ogris and penta.  I get no bonuses. There are other weapons that don't get bonuses either, but I forgot which

Ogris, Penta and Angstrum are not energy weapons, so that part does work as intended (I believe), but they should be getting the bonus electric damage.



Some info...

All non-hitscan weapons do not get crit bonuses from stacked Shields (only 2x the crit no matter how many Shields). They do seem to get the bonus Electric damage, however.

Hitscan weapons (like my Grakata) still get the massive crit bonus from stacking shields. This was taken 2 days ago:


Continuous weapons, which I haven't done much testing with in the past come to think of it, also get the stacking bonus. They sometimes take a second or two to actually deal damage when shooting through many Shields, though. This was also taken 2 days ago.


At the time, I had Amprex aiming at an enemy for possibly an entire second or two before anything happened, but then a whole bunch of enemies just popped.

I figure I'll keep this post updated (when I think about it at least) with changes I find.

Rebecca is well aware of the issue. Expect some changes after U14.


I'm oftely sending suggestions to Rebecca, it's will maybe be possible to see the multishot and hitscan gimmick back. ;)


So basically, all non-hitscan projectiles are not getting the critical damage bonus and it´s most probably getting fixed with the release of U14 or soon after.

But Angstrum, Penta and Ogris (Torid?) are not getting the electric damage that the rest of the weapons are getting and i don´t think that´s intended.

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