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Losing Mouse Cursor At The Wave Complete Screen / Mission Start


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I'm playing on PC, mouse + Keyboard; Windows 7 Ultimate x64; Warframe is set to run windowed + full screen. Missions are fine, but when the Wave Complete screen appears (every 5 waves in defense / 5 minutes in Survival / ? in Interception) my mouse cursor goes where I don't know and I have to move it around to find it again. When finally it pops back up it moves so slow that I usually barely have time to make my choice. 


Now that I mention that, the mouse does the same thing just as the loading screen changes to the game screen in the beginning of all missions. It does the same thing - as if it is losing focus and I have to move it back into the Warframe window to get Warframe to display again (it will display whatever else I have open).


Is there a way to code the mouse so it stays on screen and visible? Or to make sure Warframe does not lose focus no matter what is displaying?

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at the very least, i'd like the Cursor to be jumped to the center of the screen, when any type of menu type thing is opened. and for Chat, just move it to the Chat Window.



having to spend 5 seconds flailing your mouse around to find where the hell the Cursor is when a rewards screen comes up or something similar, Et Cetera.

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