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"always On Top" Option.


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There should be a way to allow the game to prevent all these programs whose software engineers think that their programs are so important that every pop-up window they spawn needs to steal focus from every other program running. (I really don't need informational pop-ups to stop whatever I'm doing unless they're actually critical.) I don't know if there's a way make Warframe retain focus and not minimize itself. i.e. "Always on Top" mode.

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This wasn't what I thought it would be at all


Oh? Care to elaborate?


Well either these pop ups are important or are spam from having crap downloaded onto your computer so...


Well, most stuff most people have is downloaded onto their computers. I bet you downloaded Warframe and other programs. The culprits in my case tend to be useful, but they don't distinguish between important and informational pop-ups. You can either have them all on or all off on most of those.


Same , not sure if there is a priority changer program out there but most antivirus/messaging programs have a "silent" or "gaming" mod where they wont minimize stuff maybe you have some of those and ignore it 


I don't often use IM anymore, so those aren't the problem and the Steam overlay plays nice usually. My antivirus also doesn't really cause the issue.



Oh, and another just cropped up. A scheduled scan by Spybot minimized the game even though the window doesn't stick around. Just starting that program caused focus to switch.

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I just got a pop-up In the middle of me reading this thread. Oh the irony...


On another note, my keyboard actually has a feature that locks the "game screen" or window if you would as to prevent pop-ups from suddenly breaking immersion while playing. I don't really use it myself, but I could see how it would be useful.

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