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Another Mod System Thread.(Not A Complete Overhaul Of The Actual Mod System.)


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I will start off by saying that I suck at thread titles. Here we goooooo.



I can't remember exactly where I read this but the person that posted it had a very good point that I feel probably got lost so I will post about it here.


The general idea that the person had was to take the most commonly used mods and do away with them and rebalance warframes and weapons around this. (NOT TOUCHING THE MOD SYSTEM MIND YOU JUST TAKING SOME STUFF OUT AND MOVING IT ELSEWHERE.)



For example, mods like: 


Hornet Strike

Pressure Point






(stamina mods too maybe but i hate the stamina system and wish it would go away)


Pretty much all mods that are strong and have no trade-off. 


Rebalance frames to gain more shields/health/armor as they level.

Rebalance weapons to gain more damage as they level.




Another thing that would bring a lot more customization to the table as far as warframes would be to actually take ability cards completely out of the game and give people the ability to distribute points into their abilities. Give players the ability to reset these points at any time between missions. With that we would have as many options as we do with our guns. I feel the modding system for guns is for the most part solid. 


My thinking may be completely off but I do think it would give us more options with slotting some of the lesser used mods. I feel like its almost a waste having all these damage resistance mods and armor mods that I never use.




edit: <_< dare I say you could move some of these mods to just being auras instead and nerfing them down and getting teams more involved with how they want to out-fit the proper auras for missions.





I'll admit that im a big baby and I just want more slots to put crap in my warframes. I feel restricted, that is all. Weapon customization is alright for the most part, I have no real problems with it. Just wish that I felt like I had more choices... I feel like I have all these mods that I just have nothing to do with and I wont ever have anything to do with.

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