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Martial Arts Films With Awesome Fight Scenes


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i just watched The Raid 2 and if you have not seen, you must.
This "batman" has some brutally cool moves:

Louisville Slugger Prime perhaps? if bats is asking too much then maybe a

Stance Mod that makes Prova do moves like @00:16 seconds - those finishing moves were nasty!

i guess i could say the whole movie had some pretty inspiring moves and this batman is a badASH!
you guys know any films out there with awesome fight scenes?

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Bat-man was cool and all, but hammer girl is where it's at.

i knew somebody was going to mention Hammer Girl!

she was a REAL KILLER!!! and i thought oldboy was the worst it would get



+100^ to this. that Kogake pummeling @2:00 minutes exactly






Add to this the Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan footage, and you got it.


On the other hand,one of the  funniest I've ever seen :


i got youtube error on first link: cannot view in my country (US-West) =( but i have seen Ong Bak! repeatedly!

but Riki Oh....

Oh no! LoL that movie was so horrible that i watched it over and over until i liked it =P

I will be upset if it doesn't make it into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Definitely a Cult Classic

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