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A Few Warframe Powers Fixeroos.


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Here are a few little fixes/changes/additions i think should be made to some warframe's powers:




when mag pulls things they seem to become invincible while they are in the air and only when they land do they take damage, this might be part of the ragdoll element but it can be a bit annoying. Also while ragdolled enemies can't be targeted by target specific abilities as it just states "invalid target". No I am not just missing I attempted this multiple times.




During Nyx's absorb your sentinel doesn't become invincible, and as this ability encourages you to place yourself where you would take damage having your sentinel die because of aoe damage (usually scorchers or heavy grineer bombers) just doesn't seem right.




His first and fourth abilities are currently locked to 1 cast only and cannot be cast again until the skill duration ends. This is seen in alot of the new frames but I think it should be at least bumped up to 2 casts. while this may make him more "spammy" it just seems like his abilities have very focused ranges and can't be increased (besides barrage)


Actual fix: Tempest barrage targets sentinels, because the game considers sentinels to be enemies. You can tell by waypointing someone's sent, and it will show up as an "enemy".


Why can't Hydroid put out the napalms or fire on the ground with his abilities? It would make sense, they put a napalm on the ground, and he should be able to put it out. I mean he sprays water all over the place anyways. 




Saryn's first ability is hard to pull off as the targets in this game die extremely fast if you have a good team. To make this ability easier to use it could also be placed on the environment as well as enemies so that you can manually detonate it instead of having your team kill it's host before you can chain it.




One of Vauban's traits is that he can use his abilities while you are doing other actions, such as reloading/running and i think shooting (maybe). But with the introduction of lots of melee combos and new animations it has become difficult to use his abilities while playing melee as you have to either wait to finish the combo or abandon the combo (and possibly the hit counter multiplier) to pop down a bastille, for example, which saves your life but ruins the flow of the game.


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Very good points here the only issue with Vauban is that he can´t do anything while casting his abilities simply because he is actually using his hands to throw the grenades that transform into whatever abilitie is using so you can´t reload your gun when you are using your hands for something else.

I am with you in the Mags pull issue and the sentynels.

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