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Arcane Volt Pulse Helmet Disappeared From Inventory

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I was playing Warframe, and I got a note that there will be some update going on and that it will do something to do with stats... anyway about 2 hours later I got signed out for about 1 second, I logged in very quickly... 20 minutes later after that I realised that I still have the helmet I would sell it cause its worth a bit I supposed... so I write WTS Arcane Volt Helmet and I get the message from someone saying what one, so I go and check for its name... I looked everywhere and couldn't find it... so I equipped Volt and realised he had his Plain Volt helmet on, so I go into my helmets and and see its not there any more, it was my Arcane "Pulse" Volt helmet, the one that gives you something to do with Power but takes your Health away... you can't get those any more... Please help and respond ASAP, I would like my helmet back because I need to sell it to get Platinum... Its rare and NO I haven't sold it (not that stupid) in the market, and I did not trade it... Warframe Creators help :C 


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