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Three Frames I'd Liek To See


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Ok before I begin with this I am sure I will get replies about oh my idea is already in the game and such but one might not be to sure. Also I am well aware these ideas have been brought up before.

I think it would be interesting to see a Light and Dark based warframe, also a earth based. Now before you stop me lets look at the frames we have now:

Ash: one can say this is more a ninja frame

Banshee: I would say this frame deals in sound based on her abilities of course

Ember; fire no question about that

Frost: deals with ice again no issues

Excalibur: I agree with what is says it is a sward based frame

Hydrois: deals with water

Loki: to me he is what his name means a trickster type, his abilities are meant to trick and make fools out of the enemy

Mag: magnetic forces simple.

Nekros: deals with the dead not darkness

Nova: Antimatter based

Nyx: psychic

Oberon: this one is tough but got to go with virtuous

Rhino: tough to say but more a tank than anything else.

Saryn: poison based

Trinity: healer\support frame

Valkyr: as it says beserker

Volt: electric based

Zephyr: wind based

Vabuan: I know it says he is a engineer based on the wiki but I see him as a gravity based

Now with that simple list there really is no frame that deal with the dark or the light as a whole, I mean ok Excal has radial blind, nekros has terror, but those are just two abilities that I would consider light and dark. It would be nice to see frames that deal in light and dark based themes. Also another frame I was thinking about but might be hard to pull off is a earth based frame. Its the only element not really represented.. Yes some abilities seem more earth like sonic quake and even avalanche but be nice to have maybe  abilities for earth like these:

1: Rock throw(sounds silly I know but think of ember or frost's first ability but using earth

2: Earth wall(think of a short duration wall that blocks incoming fire as well as can be used as a platform)

3: Quagmire(think of it like hyrdoid's undertow but this is mud and slows or holds enemies for a duration)

4: 4th idea is tough because I want to say something like avalanche but needs to be different from Frost and only other idea I have is rocks falling on enemies or rock spikes come up from below that sort of thing.

Alternative 1: rock crush(two giant rock sandwich an enemy)

well that is my thoughts on 3 new frames, granted I went more in depth with the earth, but there are many ideas for light and darkness its just choosing the right ones to balance the frame

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I think Oberon is like a warframe of judgement but he's also the warframe of radiation


Ash is a ninja but his shuriken is actually loud, it alarms enemies, I think of ash as more of a warframe Disappearance or Teleportation.

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hmm i want





Beast Summoning



Typhus (which is Bones, Viral & parasitic)

The awesome Gunslingers 




The ones I saw that were awesome were



The Gunslinger


The one I'm going to make is



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