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Loco's Murder Shoppe! (And Buying)

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Murder Cards: 
Accelerated Blast 
Arrow Mutation x2
Barrel Diffusion
Blind Rage
Cleaving Whirlwind 
Crossing Snakes
Charged Shell
Coolant Leak 
Critical delay 
Fired Up 
Flow x3
Fortitude x3
Hand Spring
Heavy Trauma
Hells Chamber x2
Ice Storm x3
Intensify x3
Killing Blow
Lethal Torrent 
Life Strike
Master Thief
Metal Auger 
Power Throw
Spoiled Strike 
Split Chamber
Storm Bringer x2
Streamline x3
Stunning Speed 
Sundering Strike x5
Vigor x2
Vital Sense x4
Vile Precision 
Wildfire x3

Rare fusion cores x40 - 3p per core

Enemy Radar
Energy Siphon 
Infested Impedance
Pistol Scavenger
Rifle Amp
Rifle Scavenger 
Shield Disruption x2
Shotgun Scavenger 
Sniper Scavenger 
Speed Holster 
Steel Charge x2

Prime Parts: 

Akbronco Prime BP X2

Ankryos Prime blade x1
Ankryos Prime BP x3

Boltor Prime Barrel x3

Boar Prime Barrel X2

Braton Prime Stock x1
Braton Prime BP X1
Braton Prime Receiver x1

Bronco Ppime Barrel x2

Burston PRime BP x1
Burston PRime stock x4

Daraka Prime BP x1
Daraka Prime handel x1

Ember Prime Helmet X1

Fang Prime handel x1

Frost Prime Chassis x2
- Helm x1
- Systems x2

Latron Prime BP x1 
Latron Prime receiver x1
Latron Prime barrel X1

Mag Prime BP x1
- chassis x1

Orthos PRime handel x1

Paris PRime BP x1
Paris Prime upper limb x1
Paris Prime string x1

Rhino Prime BP x1

Sicarius Prime Barrel x2
- receiver x1






Gleaming Talon

Crushing Ruin

Jagged Edge

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