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Jat Kittag - Stuck In A Combo?


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I often get stuck in some combo using my Jat. I'm using Crushing Rain Stance Mod (is it the mod, the weapon - or just me?). What happens is I am repeatedly using Leap Slam to jettison enemies, and at some point my character is just stuck on the ground, slamming the hammer a good four - five times. At that time I am banging on the space bar trying desperately to JUMP, but the character just ignores my input and keeps going with what I guess is a ground combo.


I'd like the Jat - and any other weapon -  to NOT get stuck like this - we need to be able to break combos. The combo should not keep going if we input other keys while it is active (and that ground combo is slow, ugly and weak anyway).

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its a bug with hammers and that very stance.. not jet kit specific

I didn't know that (I assumed it wasn't just the Jat, though) - its so annoying - thanks for the info! With that info I switched to Shattering Storm - hope they fix the issue with the other mod... and I hope there isn't an issue with this one too...

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