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Nooooo, This Is So Annoying!



So after this new update my warframe started to crash after battle. It means if I complete a mission I cannot play other. So I have to restart my game after a mission to go new one, that isn't bad.

BUT NOW it started crashing in the middle of MISSION!?




I don't know, so far this is my best of best, best game and I don't really wanna leave it :(




Pls help.




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Well the  UI crash for me after some runs  and i have to relog


seem update  related maybe we ll get a litle hotfix





Maybe the wrong category but feed backs are allways welcome, if you dont troll no one will judge you





also use "Edit"when you can, no need for double post in that very case

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Reinstall/update your Graphics Card Drivers.


If that doesn't work, reinstall Warframe


Or contact support. They have some good people on there.


By the way, do you get any error messages when Warframe crashes?


Can you run PhysX? If not, then into the launcher, then press the gear on the top right corner. In the settings tab on there should be a box that says Directx 10. Uncheck it.


I'll do more research.

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