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Reward Weekend: Opposite Day


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...And then it came to me:


Back in U8, for the first week, the drop chances were completely backwards. In the first three days, from Mercury to Mars, I had Split Chamber, Barrel Diffusion, Flow, Streamline, and Continuity (some in duplicate), all before I got Redirection. And like 50 R5 cores.


So what if the next Reward Weekend the drop chances (for everything) was reversed? Mods, Void Rewards, Resources, everything. Nano spores become Orokin cells, Sicarus Prime Barrels become Bo Prime Handles.


The catch? Everyone has to play like this:




There's more!


Rank 10 mods would function as Rank 0 mods and vice versa; Rank 9 as Rank 2 etc.


Also, all ranks for items are reversed. Unranked weapons are level 30, vice versa. Ranking up these now unranked will result in de-ranking (whatever) at the end of the weekend! Potatoed equipment counts as unpotatoed, and Polarities are switched to random polarities!


Could make for a fun April 1st 2015. Just saying.

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I think this would be a brilliant idea for a one night (12hr?) event. Sure there are the people who would exploit this to the max, despite the confines of playing upside-down with opposite rank gear, and grind an absurd amount of resources and parts, but really this game has so little economy it can't do too much harm. Even the rarest mods (minus event rewards) and prime pieces go for barely more than a potato; and that's if you're willing to wait for a buyer that won't haggle you down. I would welcome this quirkiness and brief window of rng relief. 

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