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I Need A Clan


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Exactly what the title says

Im a rank 3, Lvl 30 excalibur might change warframe,most likely not

9 Circles Alliance and Bullets Rain On You clan are looking for clans and active players to join us in battle.


If your not part of a clan and would like to be PM me with “LOOKING TO JOIN”. You can run some missions with us and decide if you would like to. The only requirement is that you are an active player.


Send your clan name to (PSN) Big_Rig_Brently, if interested

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If you are still interested in a clan and haven't chosen yet, Venomous is here for you! We don't have any requirements and anyone can join! Since you are newer, we have experienced members willing to help you out whenever you need it! I could tell you all the perks about our clan but I would rather you see for yourself what we have to offer! You can get in contact with me by sending me a message on PSN telling me you want to join and i'll invite you immediately. Send your message to TheCreepyCatGuy and I hope to see you soon!

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