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[Guide]Port Forward/nat Issues/ Firewall Issue



Here is one thing i solved yesterday where my (a)friend never could join my lobby when i try to host while it can join my (b)friend's lobby and i join in as well.


Windows guide: 

-Remember default port numbers written in Warframe settings and close the game.

- Just to be sure: Disable UPnP and save settings in your router/modem. After that, re-enable it and save again.

- Go to your router/modem settings where you can port forward. 

- Port forward the 2 ports in UDP/BOTH to your computer IP ( Check in your Command prompt [cmd]  ipconfig /all)

- Go to start and type in the search box: Windows Firewall with advanced security.

- Click on INBOUND RULES then create a new rule [at right panel]

- At the popped up window, click Port then next.

- Select UDP and full in the port numbers below either 2 separated by comma or use range method by typing a minus in between the 2 numbers [examples seen right under the input field]. Click next.


- Give it a name. for example Warframe UDP. No need for description. Then click finish.

- Start your Warframe and try it out and see if people who never could join you[HOST] to test if it's working or not.

- If still not working, Try use Hamachi to host a server and let YOUR FRIENDS join that server through Hamachi. Give it another go on Warframe.

- Worth to try: disable your Anti virus for until restart, Anti virus sometimes have their own firewall. Some even have silent mode for gaming purpose, but not all..so advice: just disable if above still not working and try again.


Some routers have different settings and even grayed out fields that won't allow you to port forward, my advice, get a new cheap router or ask for replacement if possible...  Because Port Forward is a very useful for making open NAT in many games.





For people who have more than 1 player playing Warframe at same time on same LAN, you need to port forward different ports to different pc.. as in Warframe settings, one player can change the port number to another port so you can port forward that one too.



If this guide not helping you, then i am out of idea for now.

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UPnP it's feature that let's you just plug your computer to the router that has UPnP capabilty, set a game UPnP to enable and just play. You don't have to worry about port forwarding it's automatically configured for your convenience, but it's a security risk. Since you've manually set port forwarding then it's better to disable UPnP, God forbid something bad manages to install in your system whilst your router has UPnP enabled, your system is wide open.

Now to correctly port forward the router needs to send those UDP communication to the correct PC every time, your PC needs to have a static IP, manually set it so it don't change. Usually we're given the IP by the router automatically trough DHCP and is not always the same IP, if your computer IP changes, port forward is broken.

Another thing to consider when all else fails even though you've done all the stuff needed, maybe your ISP is denying inbound connection for you. Give them a call.

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