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Le Stalker.



This was pretty annoying,  He popped up and absolutely slaughtered me before I even noticed during a raging defense mission.  I'm still an ultra nub so I got terrible gear for now.  How do I deal with this guy?  I know he has cool drops and all, but seriously!  What a waste of a revive.  The gear I currently have:


Warframe: Loki (rank 28)


Primaries: Braton (rank 25), MK-1 Braton (rank 20), Strun (rank 17)


Secondaries: Lato (rank 14) and Lex (rank 27)


Melee: Cronus (rank 19), Dual Zorens (rank 22), Skana (rank 14)

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Stalker is the most broken thing you will ever see in this game. The best i can tell you from experience is just get some friends and if the Stalker is going to appear just spread out, close enough so you can see each other but far enough so he cant one shot you all in a single dash.


Keep moving and to whoever the Stalker is after: Just run like hell! while the others mow him down.

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raté... x)



keep the loki, braton, lex and dual zorens.


stay invisible when he's there, stay out of range from him, and keep moving.

when he starts to absorb stuff (you know, like nyx ulti) just stop firing at him and get the fk out


and most of all, yeah, bring friends.

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Ah yes, the Stalker. After quite a few encounters with him, some alone, some with friends, I've deduced quite a lot about him. Here are some of my tips in hopes your next encounter will turn in your favor.


1. No matter how strong you are, no matter what level or what equipment, a 1v1 with the Stalker is a more fancy way to say suicide. He is relentless, fidgety, and VERY difficult to follow. If you can manage it, try to hit him with a waypoint, it will make avoiding him MUCH easier. 


Your best bet is to be moving at all times. The stalker is much like a tenno in that he can fire while moving, so beware his deadly arrows and kunai.


ALSO, NEVER ( And i mean ) EVER attempt a melee battle. As cool as it may seem at first, duking it out with the stalker blade to blade, you will lose, and it will be painful.


2. Different frames lead to different results. Your best bet honestly is a very durable frame that may be able to tank 1 or 2 hits from this guy. The problem with most frames is that unless the very aspect of their abilities themselves is to cause damage, he will resist or remove any ability you use. Now, while it then may seem like a waste to keep spamming abilities, he does have an animation when he purges them, so it could possibly delay a nasty attack.


ALSO, speaking of abilities, beware the stalkers. He can utilize many abilities such as slash dash, teleport, pull, and Absorb. Try to avoid these at all costs. 


3. When it comes to weapons, you want fast and accurate ones. Bring hit-scan weapons as they will help with the frantic nature of the stalker. If you ARE going to melee, I'd recommend something with a high raw damage and a maximum channeling damage ( For example, the Dragon Nikana ). Bring the best of the best, but remember, keep moving. If you stop to aim just for ONE moment, it may be your last.


4. Above all however, your best bet for defeating this monstrosity is simple. Bring friends. Tag along with a powerful tenno ally in hopes the stalker may begin his hunt for you then. The trick to the stalker is that he has one weakness, he has a one track mind. His goal is only to kill the tenno he was targeting ( and any others with marks ). If you are not targeted, GO BALLISTIC. Smash him, shoot him, hit him with everything you have. 


All in all, there is power in numbers. Be smart, be quick, and be strong. 

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If you have a god-tier wep try to kill him, while moving from side to side (cuz his dread is OP), if you dont just run while your teammates kill him.

The best tactic to kill him is wait till he spawns on a big room, you have 2 taunts until he appears, then you abuse the fact that when he appears he is not in "combat mode", he will be on his knees like when starting a duel BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM while he's on this state (1-2 seconds). Dont even bother to cast ANY of your habilities cuz its very likely that it will get dispelled or you will get killed while casting it.

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