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Warframe Concept: Leak


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Possible names:  Leak, The Drip, Seepage


Power 1: Drip 

  - Enemies are confounded by the sound of a dripping faucet they cannot locate.  During the power's duration, they wander confused looking for the source.  At the end, a certain percentage are driven mad and begin jumping into any pit there is available.


Power 2: Stonewater

 - Leak forces all the fluids out of nearby inanimate objects and coalesces them as a hazardous pool that slows enemies and deals corrosive damage.


Power 3: Tap

 - Biological entities began having their life leeched in a radius around the Leak, feeding into Leak and his allies.  Mechanical entities have their shields leeched, feeding into Leak and his allies.


Power 4: Seepage

 - Enemies all around begin quickly leaking from every orifice.  This affects mechanical and biological enemies.  Every three seconds for the duration, enemies affected are staggered.  Biological entities are slowed for a short duration after, as their bowels turning to water causes quite a bit of chaffing.


I'm not skilled at drawing, but I link the image below as a source of inspiration.



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