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Elemental Frames And Damage 2.0 Frames(Suggestions)


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Okay i have two suggestions i wanna say but don't wanna make two different threads.


My first one is elemental frames should have a resistance to their damage type i.e Ember has a 20% chance not to get set on fire, Saryn has a 20% chance not to get poisoned, Mag obviously has magnetic resistance and so. I think this wont be great because since Damage 2.0 Elemental frames aren't as strong as they used to be (Except Mag considering she's a Magnetic frame) and all need some type of innate ability.


My second suggestion is we should have more Damage 2.0 frames, considering Mag is the only one atm. It would really offer different abilities and ideas and it would be a true alternative to just putting the mods on your gun (As i see Warframe is trying to incorporate more than just gunplay.) Making Damage 2.0 Frame automatically gives you four possible frames. So what do you think, leave your feedback please.

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