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New Possible Frame


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I hope I do not end up getting any hate for this idea... But basically it's an idea for a new agile and kinda weak frame with good crowd control and a theme that hasn't been seen yet in the game.

Name: Widow

Health: 75 base

Shields: 50 base

Appearance: A very slender female frame with canister-like objects on her wrists. Her helmet would have 8 holes over the eyes and huge fangs with tubes that connect to a spot on her back.


1. Webbing: Widow will shoot a unique web-like material that will stick to the walls and enemies. Enemies hit by the projectile will be knocked back about 5 feet(more as the ability is upgraded). They will attempt to break out of the web and different enemies will do a different amount of damage. If the web pins the enemy to a wall it holds them for 50% longer. If the web hits the wall and not an enemy, it can be hung on by any war frame in the game and can be used to regain momentum while wall running.

2. Web Trap: Widow will spin a web in a circle around her, catching any enemies in the radius of the attack. Enemies that are stuck here will be stuck until they break out, and the web has 5,000 base health and will gain more health as you upgrade the ability.

3. Jumping Spider: Widow will leap at the enemy you target and attach herself to them. She will then use the fangs on her helmet to inject a paralyzing poison into their body, then jump off and they will slowly die while being unable to move. If killed this way they will melt into a puddle of liquid-ized enemy.

4. Trap Door: Widow will drop down and cover herself in a web cocoon. She is invincible during this time. Whenever an enemy walks in her radius, she will pop out, bite them, paralyze them and go back in. Kinda like a version of hydroid's ability that leaves the enemies poisoned and paralyzed for a time instead of holding them underwater.

Uses: This frame can be used to web enemies to any surface and paralyze others. It will mostly be used for crowd control while being very weak against actual damage. The frame will also give her teammates placeable vantage points and can keep them still for other frames attacks.

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I find that the intended art style of the frame itself doesn't quite fit into the tone of the game...


Aside from that I can't say.

I disagree. We already have a frost, fire, and shock frame. I feel like a spider themed frame could make a good poison frame while also providing good crowd control and not being a carbon copy of the previous elemental frames.
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the stats are crazy low and incomplete. The abilities are eh, 1st one makes me think of freeze 2nd one is like a bigger version of the 1st one 3rd one seems like a weak venom 4th one seems too stationary and slightly upgraded 3rd ability all around boring and not ulti like

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