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Warframe Is Trying To Steal My Platinum! Clan Emblem Bug My @$$


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Two weeks ago, I uploaded a new Clan Emblem and watched the platinum get removed from my account.  (If I did not see the Platinum get removed.. I would have known there was a problem but this was taken from my account so I knew that everything went just fine).


I submit a request to Warframe Support with a copy of the emblem I uploaded attached to get confirmation on why after 2 hotfixes it was still not included.


One of the support team gets back tome after another 3 days of waiting just to try and tell me :


Hi Jax_Cavalera,
I have investigated your account and your clan and there are no records associated with either for this emblem upload. There is currently a bug with the emblem upload page that will cause some uploads not to register correctly and no Platinum is removed from your account as a result (the only effect that does occur is to remove any previous emblems that your clan may already have submitted in the past). Please attempt the upload again and if this upload does not register correctly as well, I can handle the upload of this emblem for you manually as it is likely to be approved if submitted in its current form.


Why should I be forced to pay double the Platinum just because there is no way a client can prove they had platinum taken out as a direct result of this transaction?

This type of system is very scary as they could go on and on forever telling us that we haven't lost our platinum and even if we provide screenshot proof of before and after along with the confirmation that the design was submitted...they can still say that because the bug simply doesn't process the request after being submitted it will tell you it worked but you will find that platinum was not removed.. 

So you show the shots of platinum being removed.. and they can say .. how do we know you didn't spend that platinum on other items in game?


I am likely expecting that they will make me pay 2 times for this.. however I figured that the community should be kept aware of these issues so they know exactly where the problem is and that something needs to be fixed here.

If a player could have their total platinum displayed inside the website when logged in.. this would work as you have the clock as a timestamp for proof in a video recording so then there is no debating that YES they were charged.. and they never got their emblem.


It's also a point to note.. that if I knew this was an issue and that this kind of thing could happen, I would have made the effort to record video of the purchase going down so that I could show video evidence that my platinum was reduced as a result of getting the clan emblem, but as this bug did not come up when I searched for Clan Emblem in the forums gathering more information about them.. I was to assume that it wouldn't turn into this kind of problem.

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 Ouch. That sucks.



 Look OP, I hate to be the bearer of bad news - but this thread isn't going to be of much use. Nobody here on the forums has the tools to help you out. Besides that, we can't even know for sure that this situation is even really going down.


 Really the best you can do is tackle this with the help of the support site. They are the only people with the tools to do anything.


 Hopefully you get straightened out soon OP.

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