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Combos For Powers And Weapons


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The powers in mass effect had true synergy with weapons and other characters allowing for really good team work, Like me and a friend used to go into platinum level games and i would use overload spec'd to hit as many targets as it could, and he used snap freeze to coat enemies in frost so, He would coat them and i could hit them with overload and the lightning would chain through the targets that were covered in frost (primed) and explode them doing aoe damage. And it was the best feelings ever.... it even worked with powers... like biotic detonations, tech bursts, cryo explosions and fire explosions ;c 


in that effect you could have someone who used fire based damage to do a damage over time effect with fire, and i could use fire on a weapon and if it proc'd then it could do a fire blast and it was awesome


It added a sense of SHOOT THAT GUY I JUST HIT HIM WITH POWERS and bang a nice satisfying fire explosion death of the baddy and the people around him took some damage it was fun... ;c


More of a nostalgia post.


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