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Guardsmen And Making Progession Impossible In Defense


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Today me and a friend were playing on Ceres, a defense mission. We needed some fusion cores and figured we could get a few there. We ended up being greeted by a Prosecutor that had a toxin aura.


We could not complete the wave, and thus the mission, because we could not kill the Prosecutor.

I understand that its not mandatory you fight them in any other mission unless they become a huge threat.

I get that you can play with your friends and mod for the Prosecutors


But if what:

You join a random group, none of each have one element

You bring the wrong element/weapon

You play solo


I feel as though they should take damage from combined elements but the damage output is weakened based on the percentage of said element comprising the new element

Example would be that if you have a heat Prosecutor but you have blast that the percentage of heat that makes up that blast element should be used.


Even allowing for physical damage to hurt Prosecutors would be nice. This isn't just for defenses but for any time a person is stuck with a Prosecutor.

Dont get me wrong, the idea is good and I really do enjoy fighting them up close

However, the wall that is put between you, with little room for error, can be really depressing. 



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