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I Cannot Interact With Anything


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My account name is Global-Hawk, and I have a problem.


I have a recurring glitch since about update 13.9.3, which doesn't allow me to interact with anything in any mission.


My interact key which I bound to 'E', the text for which is replaced with "/LANGUAGE/EE_MENUS/ACTION_CONTEXT_ACTION_CC", does not work when I try to open lockers, locked doors, or revive team mates.


I have already re-installed Warframe, and let it update again, but the glitch still persists.


I direct this post mostly towards DE and any other players that have encountered this glitch before and have been able to fix it, but any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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I've had something similar to this but only when my bound key had not been bound. Try checking to make sure that you "E" key is still bound for interaction and it somehow didn't get taken away.


Other than that, submitting a support ticket would be a great next step.

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