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Hmmmmmm Oxium...



So I'm building stuff from clantech. I see that I need some Neural Sensors, so I load up a rushing character and hit solo Themisto.


In one random room on the way I hit a storage container. Saw a yellow resource, figured I'd grab it because I did hit the thing.


I picked up 2 Oxium. From a storage container.


No enemies were around.

No Oxium Osprey were around.

No Oxium Osprey chirps were heard.

No chance my Sentinel hit and killed an Oxium Osprey in one hit without me noticing it.


I was under the impression Oxium only dropped from that one enemy, or did they change it?


I know for a fact I picked up Oxium, because I was looking at the bottom readout as I picked it up. It said clearly, Oxium +2.

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I can find oxium from containers also just takes time to loot the whole map. 10-15 oxium / mission on corpus side.



Edit: Defense and survival missions have better chance to drop oxium from containers also.

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