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Question About Starting A Second Profile



I do not want to delete my main profile, I would like to experience being a new player again.  


Is it possible to make another account using the same email address and be able to log out and switch between the two depending on which account I'm interested in playing?


Or will I need to make another email account to create another Warframe account? (I imagine this is the case)


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This post from [DE]Drew may be relevant to your interests: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/237689-so-whats-des-stance-on-alt-accounts/page-3#entry2757004


I've had an alternate account for a while now and I've been keeping it at mastery rank 0 and never joining a clan. I've actually joined a clan for about 12 hours just to be able to make Banshee after her acquisition process was changed; I talked to the clan leader about this and he was ok with it.


The main reason why I wanted to have a second account was to experience the game with a different mindset. Namely, I'm never going to use any prime stuff or anything that has a higher mastery requirement than rank 0. Also, I wanted to be able to play Warframe with a friend, without having them go through the long and tedious new-player experience. This way, we'll be able to jump straight in the action and start having fun pretty soon, which may be useful if we don't have a lot of time to play together.


In my opinion, the new-player-experience is still pretty bad. But if you really want to make a second account just for that, then wait until Update 14 gets released, since that should change the game significantly.

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