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Welcome To Liquid Silv


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EDIT: We are no longer a ghost clan. Thank you to everyone who joined. If your still interested, our new thread is here --> https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/265540-liquid-silv-recruiting-active-players/





















Liquid silv is a new clan looking for any active members, new or old. All the labs are built and the dojo has already growed quite large, and is continuing to grow by the day. We have a clan emblem and are part of a decent sized alliance. Currently has 9 members and is looking for any active and friendly tenno.

The only rule is a 30 day inactive kick, to make sure that the clan stays active, however if notice is given or you are in the top 3 ranks you will have immunity.

Clan emblem --- 33281gx.jpg

Leave a reply here or pm st1llborn in game :)

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Hi I am interested in joining a ghost clan.  I joined one a few weeks ago and now it expanded to a storm clan.  Looking for a small group of active players new or old.  I am always down for helping newer players since I have very little to do in the game anymore. (Mastery rank 16)


In game name Ichrius. 

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