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Warframe Legacy #2 Mag Prime


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i finished this just now ,its 9 am and i haven't slept since yesterday at like. no wait, its been 2 days.


anyway, this time around i wanted to make this  art. have more of personal feel to it. i began feel my excal prime looked to close to excal prime, i suck at free hand even on digital. so i make rough lines to match the pictures as best i can,( i generally really only do out lines) i really spent alot more time on this, for colors, effects, removing and adding shading and tones.


ive done so many things this time around and as always because to me my lines look off, i end up with jagged, jilted, semi in motion style. i am pleased with my final product and as always there is tidbit of writing below the art to go with it.

hopefully you like it and think its an improvement over the last one.  " notice" using krita is a learning curve.







she felt the weight of the blade against the wind,
ducking under and cutting through effortlessly,
the bullets were no longer a thing to fear,
she felt them push through wind heard the sound of death incoming,
she merely weaved a beautiful dance , an intricate web of push and pull.
the void had changed her,
now she  forever felt the flow of battle
in her blood, in her mind, in her heart,

what began as blessing, would become a curse.
the endless flow.
the never ending war.

if she could sleep, she could dream,
if she could dream, she would dream of the endless sleep of peace

she was Mag Prime.

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thank you for both compliments,  it means alot as i  have horrible sense of self doubt on all my work despite my passion.

its nice to hear my writing has flow to it, helps me push on and keep doing that.



ill have more to come as i go down the frame list.


enjoy your day or night

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