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Wouldn't It Be Awesome If


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besides if that forestation itself is toxic

I love science, I'm sorry. Even if the oxygen was toxicated from industrialization, poisoning, radiation ect, I'm sure our suites could filter it out. We had such an apparatus in the 1950s ;s. But no, the Earth is in the goldilox zone, it has perfect conditions for sustaining life. Since no advance life has a major holding on the planet, the industrialization would be down. The Earth would not retain the so called scary green house gases so therefore, the poisoning would be obsolete. Good rule of thumb for any dendrologist, if the trees are green, then do not scream, the air is fair.

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Semi-related to my earlier post, I would like to see a feline-type of animal introduced as a possible companion, but at the same time, I would also like to see more critters in general. Critters are something this game lacks. As it stands now, it's mostly just "Everything is here to get shot, nothing else exists."


Sadly, this general attitude is rather prevalent in games as of late, and we're not likely to see, say, a crab or lobster, changed by a great deal many factors, near an oceanic area on the Earth tile-set, unless some form of free-roam is implemented, which doesn't fit with the "Splinter-mission" game-play we have going on here, and even then, we'll likely just get another thing to shoot at.


I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, but one of my biggest joys in a game is figuring out the Ecology of something, just based on how it's portrayed. You think the information I gathered form the Kurbro was a lot, you should see the size of the information I have on, say, the Tigrex, or a Nargacuga. I digress, and would love to see any form of feline showed in-game, but would prefer a Leopard over a tiger or cheetah, since, realistically, a Leopard would be one of the only things capable of keeping up with a great deal of the parkour the Tenno can do.


And before you tell me "No way can a Leopard wall-run", keep in mind that Kurbrow evolved over a period of multiple centuries at the very least. So far, we have *ZERO* information on how a Leopard would look.


EDIT: Fixing a grammatical error

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I don't see the problem with felines.  Just because you are not a cat person means nothing.  Also to think we want cats because of DERebecca or because this is the internet...  We are not talking about house cats here (at least I hope we aren't).  If we were to assume Kubrows are "dogs", then I do think we can expect other species of pets in the future.  Some kind of tiger or panther would be nice.  But that's not going to fit in the ship well, and the animations of it interacting with the ship could be a lot of effort.  So I wouldn't expect anything like that any time soon.


This kinda thing is exactly the kind of problem having Kubrows in the game is gonna cause... now we are gonna have every nub in existence clamoring for their ferret/cat/goldfish/chimp/llama/orangutan/howler monkey/dodo/blue whale/elephant etc etc etc in game.


This is not Farmville or Pet Zoo Online. This is a SURIOUS BIDNESS game about Space Ninjaisms with rokkit launchas and MOAR DAKKA and lasers, tazers, blazers and all kinda azers


whats wrong with you guys



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well i just cant wait for player ships

and kurbows are new and will be very interesting to play around with

i am not concerned on how they look 

but how they act 

in earth i have seen the wild kurbows pick up supply canisters and run with it

so we will see how they interact with the game

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I honestly think there should be no cat pets in warframe, to me the community just wants them because:

A: DERebecca (and I'm not trying to be disrespectful or anything) loves cats and the community would want them in

B: Because dogs are in cats should be in it as well.


This is just my personal opinion, I do however would like to see a cat enemy though, that would be very interesting to see.

Yeah sure like they would ad @(*()$ housecats!!!!

Just so you know if a... Let's say wolf and a tiger would meet

Who would win the fight?

It's just my opinion but I think the 250 kilos heavier tiger would rip him apart

And yes I know they usually attack in packs but it's not like you'll have a pack of dogs

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