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Alad V Corrupted?


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Me and my friend haithammaster where farming for neutral sensors, then a message popped up "Your actions have consequences.", I thought it was apart of the mission, also his picture was all demonic, but when I went on another planet to get warframes then he suddenly popped up, saying your actions have consequences, at this point I was confused. So I went on the website and found nothing of him, is this some kind of event or something or is this some kind of big troll from the devs, anyway tell me if so.


Call him Alad C


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That was the Stalker. Whenever the Devs are asked a question about it, they say they do not know what we are talking about. Be careful nobody knows what it really is. We think it may be a data ghost. Good luck, and be careful. He typically appears and steals your lives and revives at an alarming rate.









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