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Weather In Future Tilesets


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My favorite tileset so far is the defense area for Ceres where the cryopod rotates between two points. However, what gets me most is the rain. I love it, it makes the mission more epic and the tileset more beautiful. It seems to me that Ceres is the only tileset with some sort of weather in it (could be wrong though I haven't gone through a few of the planets yet), so I was wondering if more weather would be introduced in future tilesets?


I'm not saying to go back to areas like Venus and put snow for aesthetic purposes, but new tilesets that heavily rely on the weather and it's interactions with the player. For example, a swamp tileset with heavy fog that provides small visibility to the player. This forces the player or squad to traverse the tileset with caution for traps, or enemies that utilize the fog as an advantage, instead of people rushing and zorencoptering through the map. Furthermore, some mods and abilities will shine in this tileset like Banshee's sonar


Of course this kind of tileset would be strictly for one mission type only, preferably an assassination mission or maybe a pvp arena, since a repeated use of this tileset on every single mission like survival or extermination would be too slow and aggravating.


Anyways, what other forms of weather or environment interactions would you like to see implemented in the game?

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It'd be interesting, but for lower-end rigs weather can be a problem. Even I must admit that the Ceres rain really pushes the limits of my machine. A toggleable option for the visuals would be nice if something like this were implemented.

Kind of forgot about that lol. But yes, a toggleable option does need to be implemented before everything else. But if they do put the foggy-swamp tileset the option would make it less "dynamic" but functional in terms of gameplay...hopefully.

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