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Wts Boltor Prime Bp 20P

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Just so you know R7 heavy cal is really only worth 50p, maybe 75P at the absolute highest. It takes twice the core per rank to upgrade a mod. If max heavy cal fair market value is 350P like it currently is then

R10 Value 350P

R10 350P/2 =175P

R9 Value 175P

R9 175P/2= 87.5P

R8 Value 87.5P

R8 87.5/2 = 43.75P

RANK 7 Value 44P + mod value of ~15 makes fair value 60P fitting in my value estimated of 50-75P

That math is proof of the value I gave you. Next time Don't try to rip people off with crazy values that are way over price.

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