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Where Are The Stories On Warframe's Opening Page?


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Someone direct me to where on the site there are write-ups about this new Warframe ("A New Warframe Comes to Light"), the Kubrow additions, the "new Forms to Master (I'm assuming new stance mods)", The new fight for honor... When I click on the link for PC the page just reloads. If I click on the blue text link ("Attention Tenno" mostly) It goes to this loading screen - I hear a voice "I am Orvis..." but the page does not work - it slides and shows several pics but there is nothing else of substance. 


I look through the forums and haven't seen DE starting any topics - maybe someone can show me where this info is? I looked in Updates and News - not there. Please tell me only if you know - I know how to navigate the site, I don't need suggestions as to where it could or should be - I need to actually know where it actually is! (And saying "do a search" doesn't help either...)  Thanks.

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