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Big-Ol List Of Stuff To Sell

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I've never really visited the market nor considered myself much of a trader; I've farmed practically everything I have, so I have a huge inventory of stuff I don't need yet never got rid of. Feel free to look this monumental list over and contact me if interested in anything. Don't feel late if someone else is already looking into something, I have multiples of most of this stuff.


Parts and Blueprints

Akbronco Prime BP

Bo Prime Ornament

Boar Prime Barrel

Boar Prime BP

Boar Prime Receiver

Boar Prime Stock

Boltor Prime Barrel

Boltor Prime Receiver

Boltor Prime Stock

Braton Prime BP

Braton Prime Receiver

Braton Prime Stock

Bronco Prime BP

Burston Prime Receiver

Burston Prime Stock

Dakra Prime Blade

Dakra Prime Handle

Ember Prime BP

Ember Prime Chassis

Ember Prime Helmet

Ember Prime Systems

Fang Prime BP

Frost Prime Helmet

Latron Prime Barrel

Latron Prime BP

Latron Prime Receiver

Latron Prime Stock

Mag Prime BP

Mag Prime Chassis

Mag Prime Helmet

Orthos Prime Blade

Orthos Prime BP

Orthos Prime Handle

Paris Prime BP

Paris Prime Lower Limb

Paris Prime String

Reaper Blade

Reaper Handle

Reaper Prime BP

Rhino Prime BP

Rhino Prime Chassis

Rhino Prime Helmet

Rhino Prime Systems

Sicarus Prime Barrel

Sicarus Prime BP



Accelerated Blast

Barrel Diffusion





Fired Up

Focus Energy

Hornet Strike

Ice Storm


Power Throw


Split Chamber




Hammer Shot

Quick Thinking



Crossing Snakes

Enemy Sense


Jagged Edge

Metal Auger



Steady Hands


Sundering Strike

Coolant Leak


Flailing Branch

Iron Phoenix

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The shop is still open, folks! I'm sold out of Lex parts for now, but anyone looking for Rhino Prime I now have the whole set available for purchase! I want to emphasize once again that I'm selling these at less than median market price. Also, just because you see only one item up there for purchase doesn't mean one is all I have; well over half of the items listed i have multiples of.

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