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Obernon Builds!



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Just threw this together... I'm pretty sure this is what my 3-star Reckoning Oberon build is like. Don't feel like loggin in to check. Equilibrium, as well as Streamline, can obviously be swapped out for something else to either increase range, strength, shields, etc. if you like


If Hallowed Ground/fast Renewal heals interests you this is my build focused around that:



Overextended can be swapped out to trade massive range for more power... or whatever ye want.

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Here are two of my more specialized builds:


http://goo.gl/M3O66E is a solid Reckoning build. Even if the damage on Reckoning starts falling off against heavy enemies, spam will clear out the smaller ones (or at least keep enemies down) and keep a constant supply of health orbs.

http://goo.gl/4G7Q6A is a Hallowed Ground build I use sometimes. It lasts for a decent amount of time, is quite large, only costs 12.5 energy, and only suffers a 3% strength loss. It's worked well against all the factions I've tried it on (including Infested!), especially if you stack it a lot. It really only works in Defense and Mobile Defense (possibly Survival), though. I've used it on Sechura until maybe wave 30 and still had it be fairly effective, so it works well enough lol. Also, Renewal to keep people topped off.


I hope these help and/or inspire! Cheers!

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