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Still Selling Latron Prime Set Lol! Also List Of Arcanes I Have Built For Sale!

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Yep. Latron Prime Set (40p OBO)


List of Arcanes I have built and ready to sell now:


Esprit (Vauban)


Flux (Nova)


Menticide (Nyx)


Phoenix (Ember)


Reverb (Banshee)


Scorpion (Ash)


Storm (Volt) *new*


Squall (Frost)


Thrak (Rhino)


Vespa (Nyx)


I have other Arcane bps that I can build to order: Hemlock (Saryn), Meridian (Trinity), Chlora (Saryn)



PM me here or on PSN and we'll talk prices, I'm looking for plat primarily but willing to consider Prime Sets, parts, or REALLY rare stance mods.


PSNID=Forum name: SilentStep79 capital esses


thanks in advance

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