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A New Idea: A Warframe Named Faze


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me and a few friends came up with an idea for a new warframe

a warframe based on light abilities


Faze (male warframe)


his abilities are based on the manipulation of light, allowing him to become invisible, blind enemies, and all out obliterate enemies with light


i have an idea for his ultimate,


Solar Explosion: Faze creates a massive explosion, incinerating anything within a 100 meter radius, deals: instant death, 500 to bosses, cast, 100 power


some ideas for his abilities


Light Wave: creates a hug explosion of light around the caster, burning all enemies in range and adding damage boosts and speed to friendlies. deals 100 damage and extra to weak and near death enemies, cast 75


Light Beam: Faze fires a beam , burning and eventually incinerating a target, deals 50 damage, cast: 25 power


Light Speed: Faze surges forward and damages all in his path, deals 100 damage, cast 50 power


His back story: Faze, a warframe that rose from the Void, never before seen by the system, with abilities to bend light at his will, he makes a formidable opponent, providing crowd control and dishing out damage at the same time, he symbolizes a star



150 health (400 at lvl 30)

100 shields (300 at lvl 30)

200 armor (250 at lvl 30)

150 power (250 at lvl 30)

150 stamina (20 at lvl 30)


Concept ideas:


colors are white with red and gold

he has a white aura around him, with a sleek design

he has knee pads and elbow pads, with a cloak

he has armor on his legs, upper arms, chest, and back


the reason why for the stats are high, is because he is a rare drop frame, only dropped  in T4 orokin ships, (survival, exterminate and defense)  and derelect ships (defense, survival, and capture) making him a rare and unique frame.


DE should make this type of frame for a different approach to game play,in my opinion a good idea and a good frame to make, please like this warframe idea so that DE will notice it,


any ideas or comments you dont want seen here send to 


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So all frames fill a sort of niche, the problem with this one is it fills multiple niches. He has CC, team buffs, and direct damage. Also, the instakill ult is just ridiculous. Find a niche for this frame to fit in, fix his abilities and you'll be solid.

Also, the backstory is slightly silly. Sorry :/

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its ok about it sounding silly, I was tired when I thought of it, and I oud change it if  could but again its just an idea

Frankly, the vast majority of backstories people give are totally ridiculous. Anything that shows how special and different from other frames yours is just sounds dumb.

Also, this frame has a light theme! Do something creative! Light powers don't just have to be "light blast, big damage"

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that's the hard part.... what can I do with light? besides turn invisible... light has the ability to burn when concentrated, so it would make some sense to have sort of what a laser ability,


wait.... I could create light constructs, like boalders and blockades, and other things

light also is good with illusions, so I could create constructs of the corpus or the infested when fighting grineer

create false objectives, but that would never work


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whoa stats are way too high

then the speed will have to be




Light sounds um... light not heavy


even if he's rare he will break the unique balance of the warframes, if someone got him, he would be too easy to lvl up


Light Speed sounds too much like Rhino Charge & Slash Dash, there will be to much dashing abilities so no because we have Tail Wind which is kinda the same but in the air and Tidal Surge which is the same but is longer.


and you're supposed to get warframe parts from assassination missions,

(except for Vauban and Oberon but Vauban alerts are uncommon and Oberon used to be in a boss mission and other frames that aren't in boss missions are in the clan and need research and creation first).


DE won't allow this or else powerful players will just get this, too OP, way tooooooooooooooooooooo OP

even T4 would probably have frames with lower stats, don't make stuff too much like ember,

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