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Selling Various Prime Parts, Mods And Such

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Ive got a couple spare parts and mods to sell. Either message me in game or through my inbox.



Boltor Prime Stock - 5p
Burston Prime Stock - 5p
Latron Prime Barrel - 5p
Latron Prime Blueprint - 5p
MAG Prime Blueprint - 5p

MAG Prime Chassis - 5p
Orthos Prime Blade - 10p

Paris Prime Lower Limb - 5p
Rhino Prime Systems - 10p



Constitution - 5p

Fired Up - 10p
Flow - 5p

Gnashing Pyara - 15p
Hammer Shot - 15p
Hell's Chamber - 10p
Metal Auger - 5p
Natural Talent - 25p

Pistol Ammo Mutation - 15p
Power Throw - 3p

Ravage - 5p

Reflex Guard - 2p

Shred - 5p

Split Chamber - 10p

Spoiled Strike - 5p

Stabilizer - 3p

Steady Hands - 1p

Sundering Strike - 5p

Tainted Clip - 3p

Vital Sense - 5p

Serration - 3p

Point Blank - 3p

Hornet Strike - 2p

Killing Blow - 5p

Again, just message me in game or send me a message to my inbox. Thanks!




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