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Mastery Test Suggestion


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I was thinking about the suggestion for a while now. so i was thinking that a test retake should have 2 tries the first time and after then should be a waiting period. here's an example, say you wanted to be level 7, which requires to survive near the center. the person has to bring a warframe that they maxed with defense (if they were in the middle of ranking another warframe up) so they stay alive. but they were so eager to rank up that they forgot to switch their loadout. anyhoo the moral of what i'm saying is we forget things, and if we realize our mistakes we deserve a second chance (game wise) ASAP. or in this case if we fail the mastery test we should have a second chance to get things ready for the challenge. so having 2 tries per day should be a good idea to allow us to learn what we did wrong in the test and allow us to prepare better.

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