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I would like to see an elite group of enemies that would appear ever once in a while. rare enough too be a common mob but not rare enough to be like the stalker and they would use their factions weapons for example

grineer/ shock troops or spec ops(since they're marines)-their weps will be

-Jat Kittag
-twin Gremlins 

and the leader of this elite troop will have the grinlock and dual cleavers this troop would also come with an armoured kubrow

corpus demoltion squad their weps
- penta

- spectra

- serro 

- amprex

the leader of this squad will have dual cestras and a lecta joined by a large moa that launches angstrum projectiles

these elite enemies will also have their own special color patterns (i dont think wraith or vandel will work because the red veil seems to be the ones who make wraith weps so some one else might make vandel weps maybe?) so what do you guys think do you guys think this would be cool and be  made a thing i alike it because i wanna see some bad guys with more than wep.

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