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Dojo Suggestions


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I was thinking about more Dojo stuff.

What I had in mind:




- Blue/Pink Cherry Blossom Tree :D (And possibly a garden to go along with it? :3)


- Those panels that you can kneel on


- How about those large white orokin trees? Since we already have the smaller planter versions.



- Warframe statues, rather than Grineer statues.


- Chairs?




- A simulator room? You know the mastery rank tests, where holograms appear? Maybe we can have a room, where we kneel similar to the dueling room, and then holograms start appearing for us to fight.


- (Suggested by commenter) Firing Range 


 Thats all I can remember right now, I'll add more later.

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i don't mind the elevators, but teleporters would be cool none the less, the other day i was thinking of how it could be cool if there was a hanger for the new player ships or a monorail system you could build to scoot around, because lets face it, we all hover around the defense pods on Ceres for that reason

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